Why ‘Coffee Prince’ is a must to watch?

Coffee Prince Netflix is one of its kind series and coffee prince episode 1 is the most liked start of series in my view, the series is based on ‘The 1st shop of coffee prince’ and believe (all the viewers who have watched a single episode will agree to me also) that this series is of its kind. The whole direction, cast, and scenes are beyond normal series.

This main thing of this series which differs it from other series is its story and the sense of comedy and the idea of drama is unique and different from all other series, I shouldn’t have mentioned it but the appealing and lovely performance given by its actor forced me to describe how perfect and realistic they have their romantic scene which makes them one step more forward from other series.

The writer of this whole amazing is Lee Sun-mi and novel ‘The 1st shop of coffee prince’ on which it’s based on, is also written by the same writer. This drama explains to us a story of beyond belief romance between a young food empire mogul and a tomboyish woman. This drama explains that the needs of both genders should be marked equally. And how the grandson of the chairperson of Dong-in foods (a company having a thriving coffee business in town and this shop name is “COFFEE PRINCE”) and a worker hides gender to get the job. Soon later when the truth comes out there is madness but soon they have managed to resolve it. Now, I will give not many spoilers go on and give it a view I am sure you will definitely not like but love this whole series. You will watch a single episode there is no way of going back.

The reason to watch is not to just amuse and entertain your self, the main aim is to carry out the thoughts of the series and carry its message to our society and remove all the myths and misunderstanding against it. Now it depends on us whether to just give it a view and go or take lessons from it and carry out it on our practical lives. One more thing which makes this greater is the soundtrack, I mean the theme song of this drama, which just amazing and you would listen to it again and again.

Coffee Prince director ‘Lee Yoo Jong’ says that he would like to direct such dramas again in his life if he had a single chance. The story has admired the whole cast also. The coffee prince filming location is also worth seeing. All the scenes of the series have been taken in the best location, this choice makes this series ‘Coffee Prince’ one more step ahead from other such series. Now I am sure this question will arise in your mind that, “Where to watch coffee prince?”, and the answer is simple, it depends on you whether to watch this series on Netflix or watch it online where it is available. This series will not waste valuable time.

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