The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince – A Worth Watching Romantic Comedy TV Series

Coffee Prince or The 1st shop of Coffee Prince is Korean Drama Series with an Amazing Coffee Prince Soundtrack featuring Yoon Eun-Hye as a Tomboy, who is mostly mistaken for a guy. The 1st shop of the coffee prince is full of Enjoyable Romantic Comedy. In this Interesting Article, you are going to get most of the drama along with amazing information like drama plot, cast, ratting, reputation, and where to watch coffee prince. So keep reading the article and get excited.

The story behind The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The story of coffee prince drama focuses on the romance between a woman who is mistaken as a guy (who wears like a man because she wants to get work) and a young food empire mogul.

A Chairwoman has a grandson Choi Han-Gyul who has a food company with a thriving coffee business. Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-Hye) is a 24 years old beautiful female tomboy having getup like a guy. Her father has died when she was 16 years old. After the death of her father she had the responsibility to feed her family, that’s why she dressed up as a guy to get a job.

When she meets Choi Han-Gyul, he is not knowing that she is a woman. So he decides to hire her to pretend to his grandmother that he is a gay lover so he can get rid of dates arranged by her grandmother to get him married after getting a warning from his grandmother.

Choi Han-Gyul starts to run an old coffee shop which is later named as a coffee prince to prove him. To attract female customers to his shop he only uses to hire handsome male workers. As Choi Eun-chan needs money so she continues to hide her gender to keep doing a job at a coffee shop.

After the passage of time, feelings start to develop between both Choi Eun-chan and Han-Kyul. At this stage, Han-Kyul is still not knowing that Eun-chan is a woman. Later he starts to ask him about gender. When he finds that Eun-chan is a woman so he got angry but soon they make amendments between them and they fall in love again. In the end, she leaves him and goes to Italy for studies and keeps supporting her. This is the main story of The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince.

Coffee Prince Cast and Episodes

The 1st shop of the coffee prince has a total of 17 Episodes. Its main cast is as follows:

Yoon Eun-hye as Go Eun-chan.

Gong Yoo as Choi Han-kyul.

Lee sun kyun as Choi Han-sung.

Chae Jung-an as Yoo-Joo.

Coffee Prince Filming Location

Many of the scenes in Coffee Prince were filmed on locations in Seoul Special City which is the Capital and Largest metropolis of South Korea.

Ratting and Reputation of Coffee Prince

The 1st shop of coffee prince enjoyed a great reputation and fame around the globe. As this is a cute romantic story so it got much popularity. This drama series is full of Enjoyable Romantic Comedy.

This TV Series has a rating of 8.2 on Yidiu and IMDb while the rating of 9.4 at Viki as the time of writing this article.

Coffee Prince Recap and Remake

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince TV Series was recapped in Thailand and the Philippines in 2012. It was remade in China in 2016 and also in Malaysia in 2017. Along with this, it is also dubbed in many languages worldwide.

Where to watch Coffee Prince

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince can be watched at NETFLIX as well as on other famous production company websites.

Have a great time watching Coffee Prince with amazing acting scenes of Yoon Eun-hye and other legendry actors. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince is one of my Favorite TV Dramas.

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