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Coffee prince Maya came out of her room to drink water. Coffee prince looked at the sitting room before leaving the room. The whole sitting room can be seen as soon as Maya leaves the room. Maya went back to her room feeling bad. In fact, Maya is thirsty for water! Kavya came out of the room with a gulp of water to catch a glimpse of it. The coffee prince’s sitting room and dining room together. When I went in front of the table to drink water, I could see the poem! But that did not happen. Poetry seems to be gone.
Maya left the room with some water on the trees on the veranda and went to the kitchen. Coffee prince Netflix
Maya is standing at the door of the kitchen. Mrs. Rabia could not say anything to Begum.
“Tell me something?” Coffee prince Netflix
Maya was startled by Rabia’s words. Maya stands in front of the door and is deeply worried about something. Rabea understands that Maya is worried about something. So he said again, “What happened to you? What are you thinking about? ”
“I really wanted to know something!” Coffee prince Netflix
Maya fell silent. Maya is in a dilemma about whether to ask or not. Asked again, Maya wondered what Rabea thought. Seeing Maya not saying anything again, Rabia came in front of Maya and put her hand on Maya’s shoulder and said, “You know yourself, you can tell me everything.”
“Yes, I know.”
“Then why are you so worried?”
Maya took a deep breath and said, “Kavya is gone?”
“Hmm. A while ago. ”
As soon as Rabea gave the answer, Maya left the kitchen. Then Rabia said from behind, “Are you leaving without asking the one you wanted to know?”
Maya stood up when she heard Rabia’s words. Maya turned around and said, “I didn’t know anything else!”
“Look, if Maya had to ask this question, she wouldn’t have thought so much before asking the question.”
Rabeya smiled and looked at Maya. Maya avoided the word and said, “Everything about me seems different to you. You always think the opposite of what I think! ”
Saying this, Maya went to her room. Maya came into the room and sat on the bed with a sigh. In fact, Maya wanted to know about poetry. How is the poem? Why is Kavya upset when she sees him? Wanted to know all this. But it was not known.
Maya went to the verandah and looked outside for a long time and decided in her mind that the way Haq would know about poetry. Coffee prince wiki
Kavya took a bath before coming home. Then he made a mug of coffee with his own hands and sat on the verandah. While making coffee, Mrs. Rosie said many times that she would not drink coffee without eating rice at noon. But poetry does not take it to heart. Rosie is much madder at the boy for his work. Coffee prince wiki
Kavya is sitting in a chair on the verandah sipping a mug of coffee and wondering how one person can be so similar to another. There is no physical match! So what makes the mind so similar? Many people think that Maya likes poetry. Poetry cannot tolerate Maya that it is not. But the name Maya is the reason why Maya is unbearable for poetry. Coffee prince wiki
Kavya thinks about all this, finishes the coffee, puts the mug next to the chair, and closes her eyes. Touching someone’s hand on his shoulder, he opened his eyes towards the man. Kavya got up from her seat, hugged her, and cried. Coffee prince kissasian
Arabs began to touch the back of the poem. Arabia is also crying a lot. But she will not cry. If he cries, that poem will break even more. And he doesn’t want the poem to break. Arab said in a hard voice, “You have been coming to the country for so many days but it takes time to meet us. But now you are crying to come so that I don’t say anything! ”
Even saying the Arab words did not help. Kavya’s tears did not stop. On the contrary, it has increased. Arabs also said nothing more. Kavya was made to cry. The more you cry, the lighter your mind will be. Today, four years of hard work have closed the box. Let’s at least lighten the mood by crying a little today. Coffee prince kissasian
Kavya cried for a long time holding Arab. Kavya left Arab to be a little normal and went to be fresh.
In the afternoon, Kavya and Arab stand on the roof and watch the last afternoon light. The two of them are standing in silence. He has been standing for half an hour but he doesn’t say anything. After a few more moments of silence, Arab said, “Four years is going to be five years. How long will you be alone? ”Coffee prince kissasian
Kavya did not say anything even after hearing about Arabia. There is silence. Kavya knows very well who told Arab to say all this. It’s her mother’s job that she knows poetry very well. Arabs also know very well that poetry will not answer his words. So without waiting for an answer, Arab started saying, “Look, Kavya sees you like this, Aunty Uncle can no longer stay. How can you! Tell me, who likes to see their son in this way in front of their own eyes? And your age is not less. Coffee prince kissasian Don’t think about yourself but think about them once. Even if it is not for yourself, at least for them, get married. What do they want? I want to see you happy. That’s all they want. You can fulfill this wish by looking at their faces. ”Coffee prince Netflix
Arab said the words in a cold voice. Kavya also said in a cold voice, “I promised her that no other girl would come into my life without her. That first, that last! I can’t accept anyone else as my life partner except I live. I can’t break my word. ”Coffee prince Netflix
“Kavya, if he knew something like this would happen in the future, then he would

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