Coffee Prince 2

Coffee Prince 2 is a South Korean television drama and Coffee Prince 2 is also known as “Coffee Prince ‘s 2nd Shop” the play follows the life of Go Eun Chan (Eun Yu Hee), who works as a breadwinner for his family. Because of his androgenic look and his baggy attire, Eun Chan is often mistaken as a boy. But he doesn’t mind; She’s got a family to feed her and she has no time for gender norms.

On the other hand, we found Choi Han Kiul (Gong Yu), the heir to his family’s food company, and an irresponsible troublemaker. After he saw a few pictures of Han Cool while he was abroad in America, Han Cool’s family cried out against his careless behavior and set up on a blind date. She also happens to be the ex-girlfriend of cousin Choi Han-sang (Lee Sun-Kyun). If you think this is confusing, you haven’t heard even half of it! After pushing Eun Chan and mistaking her for a boy, Han Kiul hires Eun Chan as her gay boyfriend to avoid sorted dates. Considering her financial situation and huge salary, Eun Chan swallowed her pride and chose to accept … not to mention she is actually a girl. After receiving an ultimatum from his grandmother, Han Kiul took over the charge of a capable countdown coffee shop so that he could desperately ask Han Cool for a job and hide his gender. Sparks start to fly and things start to get … well, dramatic. For those who are new to drama, I will be clear with you. This show is heartbreaking. As a contender and straight female, I do not feel it is my place to say whether the use of the pseudo-homosexuality trope is proper or not. I will say that Korean society is generally less progressive on sexual orientation and, I think, this drama offers a healthy portrayal of love regardless of gender. As far as I am aware, this was the first gender bender drama to really take off in Korea and many others followed in its wake. You can’t go wrong with liking anything that Gong Yoo is in, especially with this break out hit. If it weren’t for Coffee Prince, the world may have never been graced with his beautiful eye smiles and that is not a world that I want to live in.

Coffee Prince 2 is considered a classic especially for a variety of reasons. Coffee Prince 2 is well known for its complicated love triangle, which is exacerbated by the cross-dressing elements. Pseudo-homosexuality is explored through the drama and reveals a powerful and true message that “love is love. 

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